The following is a description of how a typical UK Track Day runs.


Make sure you arrive at the circuit as early as you can.

7.30am SIGN ON

Sign-on usually commences between 07:30 and 08:00. Make sure you check sign on & briefing times for your day on track. In order to get your day off to a good start, it is essential for us to get most of the riders signed on as early as possible as most circuits are now enforcing noise testing prior to the track sessions beginning. So if you would like your day to run as smoothly as possible, it is important to be punctual to assure you get maximum tracktime.

You will need to complete a No Limits Indemnity form for each track event, and at Motor Sport Vision (MSV) circuits (Cadwell Park, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Bedford & Oulton Park) you must also complete a Motor Sport Vision Indemnity form as well. These forms are available available on the day of the track event. Your full unrestricted driving licence or full ACU licence will also be checked at the Motor Sport Vision circuits. These tracks also require you to be over 18 (unless previously approved by MSV). Please note, this is a MSV requirement so if you do not present your licence on the day, you can not be allowed to ride, (in exceptional circumstances the circuit can confirm it within office hours at DVLA on your behalf to confirm your entitlements. This will attract a admin fee which is payable to MSV but we recommend not to rely on this method) see our Terms & Conditions for details.

The sign-on is completed by issuing you a wristband according to the group you are riding in on the day, and a sticker to be placed on the front of your bike. At some circuits the stickers are handed out after the safety briefing.


The compulsory safety briefing as the name suggests is mandatory. Whether it’s your first time with us or your 500th, there is no exception. All riders must attend the briefing and collect a briefing sticker or wristband to confirm your attendance. These will be issued after the briefing, and will be checked in pit lane before each of your track sessions throughout the day.

No Sticker, No Wristband, No Tracktime!!


The briefing consists of a welcome, introduction, the format of your day, health and safety, issues on the day,rules and etiquette on and off the circuit, instruction available, services available, hints and tips and any questions. (please feel free to ask any questions)

After the main briefing, a separate briefing is held at all circuits for our novice group. Quite simply this is to quell any fears you may have, instil confidence and to go over some of the finer points of track craft.

Listen carefully to the safety briefing/novice group briefing, and do ask any questions you may have. The question you think is silly is the one that everyone else also wants to ask.


09:00 Intermediate group on circuit – 3 sighting laps then open session
09:20 Fast group on circuit – 3 sighting laps then open session
09:40 Novice group – 3 sighting laps then open session.

We will then run 20 minute sessions throughout the day (dependent on stoppages). Lunch is generally an hours break 1pm-2pm].

1 pm Lunch (The time can alter dependent on the weather) 2 pm Sessions resume, Intermediate group first, then Fast at 2.20pm and Novice at 2.40pm. 5 pm Home Time (circuit closes). Important to note that it is the track that is closed and not the paddock which is open for a further 1 hour for clear down purposes.